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New remix 2014-08-15

PTN remix

Hey, I made a remix for PTN!

Listen and buy it here

More music here

« Loupe pas ta loop » 2014-07-30

Loupe pas ta loop

Hey, I made a little video for the TV show  Tracks Magazine.

Check the video here

New mix 2014-07-02

From the subway to the rooftop mix

After doing my summer mix for Rider Radio, I wanted to do a big techno mix!

Enjoy this new mix right here


Interview for Nerdy Frames 2014-06-01

Interview Nerdy frames

Check my interview for Nerdy Frames here

New booking agency 2014-05-21

NeoNovo booking agency

I’m proud to announce my new collaboration with NeoNovo booking agency.

Let’s rock!

New goodies! 2014-05-08

New t-shirts

New t-shirts and new stickers are now available in the goodies!

Check it out here

Interview/mix for Rider Radio 2014-05-01

Sovnger mix for Rider Radio

New interview for Rider Radio!

And just because summer is coming, I’ve also done a fresh new mix for the occasion!

Check the interview and the mix here

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Played by Vitalic 2014-04-26

Sovnger played by Vitalic

What a honor to be played by one of my the biggest source of inspiration!

Check his awesome mix right here

And to listen the whole track, that’s here

Played on BBC1 Radio 2014-03-29

Annie Nightingale (BBC1) Ravival (Sovnger remix)

My remix for Nitemode & Sirkus Sirkus was played on world famous english BBC1 Radio by Annie Nightingale!

Listen and buy the remix here

More music here

New video 2014-03-27

Le jour se lève, moi non plus.

Le jour se lève, moi non plus.

Watch here

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