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Summer track 2015-07-13

Kidz EP

Here’s my new track, perfect for summer!

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Kyoto (Official music video) 2015-06-26

Kyoto clip

Here’s the clip for Kyoto, directed by 128db.

Watch it here

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How to buy my album 2015-06-21

How to buy my album

This is a way to buy my album, what’s yours?

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New mix 2015-06-17

Mix Couleur3

Hey, here’s a one hour mix I made for the legendary Swiss radio Couleur3 and their show Métissages.

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My first album 2015-06-08


I’m proud to introduce to you my first album! Discover it track by track on

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it :)

New remix 2015-06-06

Dacover remix

Here’s my new remix for Dacover!

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Free remix 2015-05-25

Carbon Kevlar

Here’s my remix for Carbon Kevlar and you know what?

It’s free!

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#musicispleasure 2015-05-02


When 2 professionals DJ’s spend one afternoon together.

Watch the video here

Kyoto EP 2015-04-07

Kyoto EP

Welcome to « Kyoto », the second extract of my forthcoming album. Including remixes by Just Regular Guys and Jackin With the Drums, scratches by Mr Viktor and also a second track « Moon » with Lux Montes.

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Nappage nocturne 2015-04-01


A minimal track that I made for the Formule Records’ compilation.

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